• DIY Photo Booth

    DIY Photo Booth

    DIY Photo Booths are a lot easier than you think to set up. If you want to have a Photo Booth at your wedding but don’t fancy paying out for one of the fancy booths, well you can of course have your own DIY version. It might not be as flashy or stylish but it […]

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  • Wedding Nails

    Statement Wedding Nails

    For Wedding Nails there is an infinite number of possibilities to choose from. For my big day I left it until the day before the wedding when I was getting the Shellac on to decide the colour for my nails. I was torn between choosing a strong colour or a neutral tone. I knew that […]

  • Tips
  • Wedding Fair Tips

    Notebook and Glue Dots

    Here are my top six wedding fair tips. These tips will help you get through any wedding fair with minimal headaches. Hope you enjoy.   Tip 1 Write your details or print (if you have the sheets of printer stickers) on sticker labels then you can just peel it off and give it to the […]

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  • DIY Unity Candle Set

    What You Need

    So I decided to try and make my own DIY Unity Candle Set and it worked out pretty well so I though I would share the steps here so that maybe some people would find it helpful. What You Will Need: 1 Pillar Candle 2 Tapered Candles Tissue paper Printer paper Baking / Wax / […]