Disneyland Paris Booking Tips

After using Disneyland Paris Booking Tips that I had found online to book our upcoming trip I decided I would share them here. If you are thinking of heading to Disneyland Paris and booking yourself it pays to check the different country deals. You can book from any of the countries. You either book in full online or phone up and say you want the German offer for example and they put you through to an English speaking agent. Booking over the phone you just pay a deposit and the rest a few weeks before the travel date.

Here is an example from today. This is the price from four of the websites for 2A2C for 4 nights 5 days in the same hotel and same dates just so you can see the difference.

Irish site
€1032 – just room and tickets no breakfast

co.uk site
£908 – just room and tickets no breakfast

German site
€967.50 – hotel buffet breakfast and half board standard plan (lunch or dinner in certain buffet restaurants)

French site
€822 – just room and tickets no breakfast

As you can see there is a big difference. I mean the German offer is actually cheaper than the Irish deal and you get breakfast and lunch or dinner in a buffet restaurant included. The French site is also under 12’s free compared to the others that are under 7’s so that might be cheaper for families with older kids.

So just keep in mind that it pays to shop around and that you can book from any of the Disney sites not just the country you are living in.

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