AliExpress Haul Part 1

Silk Floral Robe (Short)

Hi Everyone here is my AliExpress Wedding Haul Part 1. Hope you enjoy.

So I buy a good bit (140 + so far) from AliExpress. Before the wedding planning it was mainly bits and bobs and some clothes for the kids. Since planning the wedding I may have gone a bit overboard and when I looked at my wedding box to do this post I realise I have a lot of items already to review so I will split up the reviews.

Here are a few of the products I ordered so that you can have a look at what the actual product that arrives looks like, size of the item and the quality. I will link the exact seller I got the product from. I cannot guarantee the exact identical item will be received but hopefully this will help some people out who were having doubts about ordering from AliExpress. * All prices quoted are at the time I purchased them, sellers normally increase and decrease prices as they seem fit

Bride and Groom Glass Decorations

1. This is the 1st wedding item I got from AliExpress. I thought they would be a great novelty item for the wedding morning photos while getting ready. They actually surprised me when they arrived. I was expecting them to be a lot tackier and not great quality but I found them brill isn’t for €2.80. I think it will be perfect for sipping champagne while getting ready and this way there will also be no confusing my glass with the morning mayhem 😉 You can find the seller I got this from here.

Just Married
Just Married Banner

2. The next is a just married banner. It comes with the heart letters and the ribbon seperate so you string it together yourself. It was a fairly easy job. The photo doesn’t really show it but the heart backing card has a bit of a shimmer to i and is quite strong. I paid €1.01 for it. I plan to hang it somewhere around the venue or have a photo taken with it where we are each holding ones side of the ribbon. You can find the seller I got this from here.

Pom Pom
14″ Tissue Paper Pom Pom

3. I got one of these tissue pom poms to test it out and check if the size was suitable because you can get these for various sizes from AliExpress (they also come in lots of colours). For €0.91 how could I not 🙂 The one I got is the 14″/30cm size and its perfect. I am going to hang a few of these up on the outside  porch/entrance to the reception. It comes all folded up and you have to peel back all the individual layers of the tissue paper to get the effect of the pom pom. This task does take a bit of time and patience (hence my pom pom may not be a perfect shape). I got this particular pom pom from here.

L.O.V.E White Wooden Letters
L & A
L & A  White Wooden Letters

4. I decided to get some wooden letters to go on a table display at the venue. As you can tell from the photo they are not the perfect level cut letters you can get but for €0.70 each (I paid €0.80 a few weeks later when I got the L & A) I have no problem sanding down a little bit at the bottom if I have to. I should have given a size comparison but they are quite small and would just fit in the palm of your hand. The store I got them from is here.

Wooden Easel
Small Wooden Easel
Wooden Easel
Just a sample of what they can hold

5. This is probable one of my favourite buys/deals so far. I got 10 of these small Wooden Easels for €5.41. I am going to use them for my table number/names. They are perfect I cant fault them they are what was promised a small wooden easel. I have just places a wooden plaque sign (currently €2 in Pennys) just so you get an idea of the size and what it can hold. I got them here.

Glitter Washi Paper Tap
5M Glitter Washi Paper Tap

6. I am a fan of using washi tape as a simple and easy way to decorate plain jars etc. I saw this one and though what a perfect way to decorate a simple tea light. This tape is brilliant it is a lovely colour and very easy to stick on and doesn’t seem to peel away. Great simple way to decorate the venue and for only €0.37 I will definitely be ordering more. I got my washi tape here.

Paper Punch Cutters
Paper Punch Cutters
Round Corner Punch
Round Corner Punch

7. I got some paper punch cutters and a round edge cutter because we are going to D.I.Y our invitations and I though I might want to cut some designs into them or into the tag around the invitation. I am having a winter wedding hence the snowflakes. When I saw what gets left after I have punched the paper I might be using the scraps as table/decoration scatter. I think it looks pretty. I did have one problem with the round edge cutter. the first one that arrived did not cut properly it was slightly bent so you could not push it down properly. I got on to the seller and they had no problem in giving me a refund or a replacement no questions asked. i went with replacement which arrived and was working perfectly. I got the snowflake and the heart punch for €0.83 here and the round edge cutter for €2.95. The seller doesnt seem to stock it anymore but the exact same ones can be found here.

Silk Floral Robe (Short)
Silk Floral Robe (Short)
Silk Floral Robe (Short)
Silk Floral Robe (Short)

8. Last but not least for haul 1 it is one of the silk kimono style robes you see in wedding photos of the bridal party getting ready in. I paid €8.44 for this and only got one as a tester to see the quality and if I liked it. Lucky I did this because a) it is very short (you can get a long version I just didn’t pay attention to the title) and b) I have decided for a winter wedding matching winter pjs would be better. I am very happy with this though and I will be keeping it for me. It is perfect for holidays because it is so light and feels nice to wear. I have it in M and that would suit a size 12/14. They also come in a few different colours. This particular one I got from here.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing what some of the actual products look like when they have arrived. I have a good bit more to come because I am an AliExpress addict it seems. I do not like to see 0 items awaiting delivery.

Any questions just contact me.


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